WTTP - Wireless To The Premises - Prices


Temporary Connections

Any of the below for 1 day - 12 months £POA

Temporary phone systems also available, please get in contact for a quote

Synchronous contended connections

New Customers only (Install charges apply)


10Mb/s Up+Down


£ 310/m


20Mb/s Up+Down


£450 /m

Leased Lines

Install Charges Apply

Leased 100

100Mb/s Up+Down


£695 /m

Leased 200

200Mb/s Up+Down


£995 /m

Leased 400

400Mb/s Up+Down


£POA /m

What is it?

Many rural properties suffer from having an old exchange that hasn't been unbundled. In this instance no provider (no matter what they may say) can get faster than 8Mb Down and 500kb up, normally (due to phone line length) its significantly less.

This can give an acceptable speed for home use however heavy users and business with servers or multiple users may require a faster and more consistent speed.

Business users may also require faster upload speeds or a secondary connection that doesn't use the phone network.

We drop the connection in wirelessly to your property. Speeds of 10Mb+ up and down are available un contended. A small box is placed on the roof or suitably high part of the building and linked to a similar unit on a tower close by.

Because this method doesn't use the phone you are not tied to BT like every other connection in the bundled exchanges, it also requires no digging up of roads and unlike some older satellite technology suffers no lag.

What can i expect?

We do not offer up to xMb speeds that most ISP's provide, we quote the actual speeds you will get and the contention ratios are much lower (20:1, 10:1 or 1:1), some other ISP's are as high as 50:1. We block no ports, we don't limit you after you go over a threshold, you can download or upload as much as you like with absolutely no interference from us. In short we give you EXACTLY what we sell you.

We can also offer speed bursts over night for backups or for special occasions. High site to site rates with a lower internet connection rate may also be available to save on cost. Please get in contact should you have more complex requirements to arrange for a quote.

What about my phone?

Because we don't use the phone network you won't need a phone line and therefore will save on the line rental. We can provide VoIP phones which will use the internet connection and much cheaper to use than traditional POTs (plain old telephone). Remember a typical phone line rental is £15 a month.



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