WTTP - Wireless To The Premises - Reed Prices



4Mb/s Up+Down

VoIP line included

£35 /m


8Mb/s Up+Down

VoIP line included

£50 /m

Install cost £125 (Subject to site survey)

All Prices on this page include VAT

What is it?

Reed suffers from being a long distance from the exchange. This results in slow and unpredictable speeds from ADSL. The service we provide is not limited by distance

We provide our connection wirelessly through a small aerial placed on your roof. This connects to you nearest POP or Micro POP to provide you with a connection.

Because this method doesn't use the phone you are not tied to BT like every other connection in the bundled exchanges, it also requires no digging up of roads and unlike satellite technology suffers no lag. The service is synchronous so you'll get the same upload speed as download

What can I expect?

We do not offer up to xMb speeds that most ISP's provide, we quote the actual speeds you will get and the contention ratios are much lower (30:1), some other ISP's are as high as 50:1. We block no ports, we don't limit you after you go over a threshold, you can download or upload as much as you like with absolutely no interference from us. In short we give you EXACTLY what we sell you.

Depending on final sign-ups we may be able to offer faster speeds. Esentially the more we sell the higher the top speeds will be.

What about my phone?

Because we don't use the phone network you won't need a phone line and therefore will save on the line rental. Remember a typical phone line rental is £18 a month. Included in the Reed packages is a VoIP line. This uses the internet connection to make calls. Call charges are cheap, especially abroad (Approx 1p per min to an American Mobile)

You will need a VoIP phone, we can provide them or you can buy them yourself. For a walkabout (DECT) unit you pay £110, £118 or £152 for a 1,2 or 3 pack respectively. You can even keep your existing number.

Is there a contract?

We do ask for a 12 month commitment, after that you are free to leave, but we hope you wont want to!

What is a Micro POP?

Existing customers have a second aerial placed on their roof to relay the service. These are small devices and blend in with existing TV aerials. We may need to change your aerial to a micro POP in order to relay the service to your neighbours. We will let you know when we need to do this so there is no interruption to your service

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