WTTP - Wireless To The Property

How are you different from other ISP's?
Why are the costs higher?
Do i need planning permission?
I'm not in your area, what do i do?
How is the connection delivered ?
Will I need a router ?
Do i need my phone line ?
Is this an alternative to Bonded ADSL ?
What is contention ratio ?

Our main difference is that we don't use the phone network to provide our service. This makes a huge difference to the type of service we offer. We own the entire network and can do with it what we want. If a customer requires something out of the ordinary we can provide it. It makes a very suitable back up line for critical business, that said many customers use it as the main line and the ADSL as a backup.

In short there not. If you are in an area with a good up to date exchange then the lower speeds can be cheaper, our service is aimed at people who require high speeds which make comparison to the fibre optic alternative very competitive Our lower speeds are aimed at those that just can't get them through their phone line or wish to have a higher SLA (service level agreement) for more critical applications, so there simply isn't a comparison as we are the only provider in the areas that can actually offer a service of this quality!

No. The box is small enough that you don't require permission as it falls under the similar rules as your TV aerial. You will need the owner of the buildings permission though.

Get in contact. Our network goes where the customers are and if you want a big enough connection we may well be able to extend the network to reach you.

The connection is delivered on a single RJ45 connector. Which can be connected straight to a computer or router.

If you want to use more than one machine then yes, if you only want to use one then you can get away with out one although we do recommend that a firewall is then used. We can offer a router which comes with a VoIP convertor for £100

NO. Your phone line is NOT required to access the internet. We can also supply you with a VoIP number (for packages without this included a fee of £5 a month) with a small converter or special phones you can do away with your land line. VoIP is also very cheap for making calls.

Very much yes. Many customers who are fed up with bonded ADSL not actually being twice as fast come to us. We can offer fast upload speeds without complex technology that in most cases is inefficient. You really will get what it says on the tin.

Contention ratio is a very under advertised yet important part of a broadband package. Most ISP's will contend the connection to up to 50:1. In simple terms it means you are sharing your 8Mb with 50 other people. Since you won't all be online at the same time this shouldn't be a massive problem. However people do tend to use the web at the same time Friday at 6pm being the peak in the week at which point you could be getting 1/50th of the connection you would during the week.

We contend our lines at 20:1 and 10:1 for our ADSL and SDSL style connections. We also offer leased or un contended (1:1) lines for business that need a guaranteed throughput.

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