Honest, Fast, Wireless Broadband


Doesn't use the exchange

No Data Capping

Leased 5 - 20Mbps +

Get the speed you pay for *

South East England Coverage

From £300 /m

We control this connection from start to finish and so can be confident of its reliability and speed.
It doesn't use ADSL or any phone line technology. So it doesn't mater if you live miles from the exchange or if your exchange hasn't been upgraded yet.
If you have line of site with one of our masts then you will get the speed you pay for no questions.

Temporary Connections

Fitted Quickly

From 1 Day+

Dedicated Event Manager

Get the speed you pay for *

UK Coverage


Temporary Broadband needs to be installed at the right time and in the right place by the right people.
We use a variety of solutions depending on location and time of turn around required.
We can also provide local wired and wireless distribution, extra backups, local wireless links and temporary phone systems as well.


  • No Latency
  • No Up to speeds
  • No planning permission required
  • No data limits or caps
  • No port blocking
  • No traffic shaping
  • Low contentions (or leased if required)
  • No phone line required

As we are completely independent from BT or any other cable based operator, we are in the unique position of being able to provide solutions to companies that require total redundancy. Many companies will get a couple of lines installed from different ISP's but fail to realise that often both connections will follow the same physical route which creates many single points of failure. When was the last time you heard of someone digging up the road, cutting through cables and wiping out the air ? Many users will use us as a cheaper and faster alternative to their Bonded ADSL.

We can offer permanent and temporary leased or contended lines all at a fraction of the price of pulling through optical fibres and with a current up time of 99.99%, reliability is key.



*Top speeds DO NOT vary at all (i.e. distance from the exchange is irrelevant, you are guaranteed to get the speed, the whole speed and nothing but the speed you pay for)

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